TRG, Nano Protector
TRG, Nano Protector

TRG, Nano Protector

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The waterproofing nanotech spray we have been recommending so much the past years is finally to be found in our own product selection!

The TRG Nano Protector provides an extraordinary protection against water & stains, based on the science of Nano Technology. 
TRG Nano Protector covers the individual fibers with Nano particles, acquiring the ability to repel liquids and dust which do not adhere to the fibers. 
Therefor rain water slips by surface with the so called "lotus effect". 

Recommended for both footwear & garments!

-Waterproofing Nano tech spray
-Breathable technical membrane 

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Wardrobe 19 was established 2010.
We are a small dynamic team with an exceptional product know-how. We belive that a proper wardrobe takes years to build up, which reflects in our selection of high quality timeless goods.

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