Sugar Cane, Work Shirt, Brown Wabash
Sugar Cane, Work Shirt, Brown Wabash
Sugar Cane, Work Shirt, Brown Wabash
Sugar Cane, Work Shirt, Brown Wabash

Sugar Cane, Work Shirt, Brown Wabash

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We proudly welcome Japanese denim specialists Sugar Cane to Wardrobe 19 as the only retailer in Denmark!

Sugar Cane is a Japanese clothing brand who honors the history of workwear by reconstructing and reproducing iconic workwear pieces down to the smallest detail with pure Japanese quality and finesse.

Today Sugar Cane is a renowned denim brand with a unique market position as one of the best denim manufacturers in Japan.

Fiction Romance
8.5oz. Brown Wabash Stripe Work Shirt

  • This brown Wabash from Fiction Romance is made using discharge-printing techniques of the time, despite the color scheme not existing in vintage. The front buttons are the iron donut type that was used on kids' overalls and other clothing. The chest pockets are asymmetrical, as seen on prewar work shirts. Cuffs are made with a double face and feature the sleeve placket before it is simplified. The cuffs are gathered rather than tucked, a specification unique to the period of transition from dress shirts to work shirts. The label on the collar is a hand-stamped label. A "CALICO" paper tag is attached like vintage shirts. Not only the details but also the fabric is just like vintage shirts. The selvedge is proof of being woven on an old-style power loom.
  • 【Fiction Romance】
    By reviewing and examining the documents of the time, Sugar Cane has revived a full range of functional details that are typical of vintage work wear. It then combined the individual authentic details and uniquely applied them to its own items under the name of "Fiction Romance."
  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in Japan

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