Biehl. Parfumkunstwerke, MB02
Biehl. Parfumkunstwerke, MB02

Biehl. Parfumkunstwerke, MB02

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working title: „wild horses”

development story from Mark Buxton: sometimes the story of a scent is very simple, like mb02 – or ‘wild horses’ as it was called initially. one evening, while dining, i was particularly struck by a woman’s scent – it was chanel no. 19. i immediately had the idea of creating a masculine version for myself. i made the green violet head note slightly spicier, added a new green element, reduced the floral punch and boosted the base with labdanum, woods and leather. surprisingly, i wasn’t the only one who loved the result – women did, too – also to wear themselves.
where did the working title come from? that’s very simple: when i first started working on it, ‘wild horses’ by the stones was on in the background...

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