Style Eyes, Bowling Shirt, Ann&
Style Eyes, Bowling Shirt, Ann&
Style Eyes, Bowling Shirt, Ann&

Style Eyes, Bowling Shirt, Ann's Cordial Inn SE39262

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Based on vintage items made in the mid-to-late 1950s. As the name suggests, bowling shirts are originally uniform shirts for bowling competitions, so this model has action pleats on the back to enhance mobility. Another feature is that the color of the collar and action pleats are switched from the body to accentuate the design.

The body is made of light, plain-weave 100% rayon fabric. The buttons are 14mm four-hole buttons, as seen in bowling shirts from the '50s. The embroidery is made of shiny rayon thread, and the team and the player's name are depicted in voluminous, luxurious chain embroidery.


"Style Eyes" is a brand that mainly develops items that represent the golden age of American style in the '50s, such as rayon bowling shirts and printed open shirts. The highly contrasting, colorful color schemes and luxurious construction decorated with embroidery and prints are reproduced following the methods of the time. The charm of 50's vintage, which has high design and artistic value, is revived in the present day.

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