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In 1866 William Green, founder of Grenson, stopped producing shoes in his own home to become a “factor” instead.
He now needed for formalize the new arrangement, and set up a new company, which became known as William Green & Son.
The new company attracted some of the finest shoe and craftsmen in the business, and William organized for the first factory to be opened 1874.
The “Greens Yard” factory was the first factory in the world to use the Goodyear welt construction method for manufacturing gentlemen’s shoes.
Green & Son soon became Grenson, a powerful brand which still dominates the shoe industry today!


grenson, inigo, navy suede

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Inigo is a classic monkey shoe. He has a semi-lined construction and is on a lightweight white wedge sole for the Spring/Summer 2017 season. The shoe features a navy indigo upper with a white contrast stitching
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grenson, owen, natural pull-up

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Grenson Genuine Moccasins are made using the oldest shoe making technique in the world. The leather of the upper is wrapped around the foot and an apron is stitched on the top, which makes them very soft and super comfortable. Owen is a great mens casual tie derby shoe with feature oversized gimping as a nod to Grenson's heritage. For the Spring/Summer 2017 season he comes in natural pull up leather with a white wedge sole. This calf leather is called “pull up” as it is tanned with lots of natural oils and waxes which darkens it. When you stretch or pull the leather, it lightens as the wax disburses which also means it marks quite easily. This is very much part of the look of this leather as it is a very natural product and we believe makes your shoes age both beautifully and naturally.
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